10 books every tech professional should read

Technical books are impactful resources that contain a variety of information for veterans and novices alike. Interestingly, iconic tech personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates often talk about the benefits of reading and how it has helped shape their intellectual minds.

While there are a number of mind-boggling books out there, techies need to be intentional about their reading choices. Books discussing opportunities, mindsets, mindsets, threats, solutions and how to exploit them in the tech industry are priorities for techies.


In this book, Robert C. Martin, renowned software engineer and author, educates his readers on the qualities of good code. He also suggests techniques that tech professionals can use to write great code.

The true value of this book may not be fully appreciated until you have encountered a challenging coding problem that has challenged your professional experience and time. The Clean Coder highlights good coding practices and the reasoning behind them.

You can find this book in digital libraries where you can download books for free. It’s a good read for newbies and veterans alike who want to keep their skills sharp and relevant in their chosen fields.


Many people believe that artificial intelligence is a harmless innovation, but Nick Bostrom analyzes this phenomenon differently. In Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies, he highlights the many ways AI can become an enemy in the making.

According to the book, the evolution of AI may finally lead to an existential dilemma for humans. Bostrom argues that, at some point, artificial intelligence will equal and surpass the human brain.

As a result, there is every chance that it will become uncontrollable and wreak havoc on the world as we know it. If you want to immerse yourself in AI, this book can serve as a means of checks and balances for creating safe programs.

The Inevitable Understanding of the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future by Kevin Kelly

The world as we know it is set to transform in the coming decades due to emerging technological trends. Kevin Kelly reinforces this notion by providing a blueprint for the future.

Simply put, the book spotlights twelve technology trends that will shape the future and suggests ways to harness them. We always emphasize that information is power; learning about these inevitable trends is a great way to future-proof your career.

The book is an exciting read for newbies and veterans alike in the tech workforce. Plus, as Kevin Kelly’s book suggests, you can stay up to date on trends with websites and apps that recommend great new books.


Peter Thiel has a history of building startups and staying on course for success. With Zero to One, he shares valuable insights on how to build a successful startup while providing a great reading experience.

The tech industry has seen its share of startups; unfortunately only a few survive the maturity stage. The book suggests that there is still uncharted territory and undiscovered gold mines in every industry, including technology.

For tech professionals who are planning to build a startup or are already doing one, Zero to One is a must-read. It’s also a good read for newbies wanting to get started with the right mindset, and veterans looking to own a startup. Zero to One advocates progressive thinking as well as following existing theories and ideas.


With more women challenging the status quo and making headway in various walks of life, the tech industry has only a handful. The Future of Tech Is Female highlights the challenges women face in the tech workforce and the factors preventing them from reaching the pinnacle of their careers.

In this book, the author calls for a better attitude in assigning leadership roles to women in tech and suggests workable ways to make that a reality. If gender equality fascinates you, this book is a gold mine for you.


Hackers and Painters is a collection of essays touching on various technological concepts. Unveil the use of programming language as a creative tool and tap its potential to generate fortunes for programmers.

Using prosaic form, Paul Graham offers a glimpse into the world he calls The Intellectual Wild West, and helps his readers unravel it. This book will be a good choice for newbies and veterans alike as it simplifies technology concepts like hacking, programming language, and other relevant terminology.

Plus, if you can’t get a hard copy of a book like Hackers and Painters, you can always listen to free audiobooks on apps other than Audible.


Foray into the world of crowdfunding, machine learning, and big data through the futuristic lens of Andrew McAfee’s Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future.

The book creatively touches on the myriad challenges and opportunities that accompany the technological advances of the 21st century. This book covers the digital revolution and predicts the changes that come with it; not all are good.

While temporary trends often reflect the preferences of content creators and the books they read, engineers are at the helm of innovations and evolutions, and the choices you make now as a technology professional are more crucial than ever. Newbies will benefit the most from this book, but it’s also a great read for veterans.


Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker chronicles the misadventures of world-renowned hacker and social engineer, Kevin Mitnick. The book chronicles Mitnick’s exploits that have forced governments and large corporations to reconsider how they protect their data.

It covers everything from Mitnick’s early days making phone calls to his eventual evolution into hacking large corporations and escaping the law.

Ghost in the Wires tells an exciting story of adventure and suspense as it portrays hacking as an art form and offers an entertaining look into the daunting field of hacking. It’s an exhilarating read for newbies who want to get into the world of hacking and veterans who want to rekindle their passion.


This is a book about artificial intelligence and how it has its roots in almost every area of ​​human endeavour. Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark explores the future of human beings, the possible effects of artificial intelligence on our daily lives and how it affects crime rates, unemployment and society.

Simply put, this book examines how stakeholders can maintain the benefits of AI and minimize its drawbacks and the possible erosion of our society. It’s a worthy read for both newbies and veterans in the AI ​​field, as it can help keep you ethical.


Surprisingly, Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is a work of fiction. While non-fiction books dominate the tech book space, one notable fiction book is Ready Player One.

It mainly explores the theme of escapism. It is set in a dystopian 2045 and focuses on the main protagonist, Wade Watts, and his foray into the world of gaming and virtual reality to escape his grim reality.

If you take a look at a book review website, this is one of the most popular fiction books based on games and virtual reality. While not your quintessential technical book, it is a great read to blow off some steam and alert technicians to the possible effects of their creations on the lives of ordinary men.

Mind stimulating books for technicians

As you embark on the journey to broaden your reading horizon, don’t forget to read tech books that are jaw-dropping and inspiring. A great trick is to try a combination of books that enhance your technical knowledge and soft skills.

Also, don’t let the price of these books deter you from expanding your knowledge. There are always options to find secondhand books or free audiobooks online. Remember that it is an investment in yourself and it will pay off in the end.

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