Affective Computing Market 2023: Technological Advances, Trends and Evolving Business Insights

Affective Computing Market 2023: Technological Advances, Trends and Evolving Business Insights


Published July 24, 2023

The latest research report from Coherent Market Insights is titled “Global Affective Computing Market Size, Shares, Prices, Trends, Growth, Opportunities and Forecasts 2023-2030”. This comprehensive report analyzes the global Affective Computing market in-depth, providing valuable insights into future revenue projections, demand patterns, regional analysis, and other critical insights into the target market. The report also delves into the various drivers, restraints, opportunities, and threats impacting the industry. Additionally, the report offers insight into key companies operating in the market, supply chain trends, financials, key developments, and technological breakthroughs. It also covers future strategies, acquisitions and mergers in the Affective Computing industry. The report has been segmented on the basis of type, distribution channel, and region and assesses both historical and future growth trends to provide a comprehensive global perspective on the Affective Computing market.

The affective computing market was valued at $36.32 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach a value of $416.9 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 31.5% between 2022 and 2030.

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This research serves as an invaluable resource for professionals around the world. It offers insights into market developments, market positioning and identifies investment opportunities by focusing on key market drivers. The study includes detailed company profiles of key market participants, along with information on new product launches, product expansions, marketing strategies, business approach, infrastructure, and upcoming competitive products and services of the Affective Computing industry, including pricing models. Affective Computing market research also explores the strategies and product developments of emerging entrepreneurs, contributing to the increased popularity of their offerings in domestic and global markets.

Global Affective Computing Market report provides comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the following aspects:

Market projections (2023-2030)

Market growth factors

Review of current and emerging market trends

Evaluation of the capacity, production and revenue of market participants (value)

Analysis of supply (production), consumption, export and import

Application/end user analysis

Major Key Players:

Amazon Web Services Inc., Affectiva Inc., Nuance Communications Inc. (Microsoft Corporation), Nemesysco Ltd., Eyesight Technologies Ltd., Element Human Ltd., Emotibot Technologies Limited, Kairos AR, Inc., Realeyes Data Services Ltd., audEERING GmbH, IBM Corporation and Gesturetek Inc.

Detailed segmentation:

Global Affective Computing market, by end-user industry:

  • Health care
  • Automotive sector
  • See in detail
  • Other end-user industries

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Regional analysis:

The Affective Computer Market Report Covers Different Countries In Different Regions, As Follows

North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)

Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Rest of Europe)

Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, Rest of Asia Pacific)

South America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Rest of South America)

Middle East and Africa (GCC, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Rest of Middle East and Africa)

Furthermore, the report offers valuable insights into specific market influences and regulatory developments affecting present and future trends in each country’s market. To predict the market prospects for each country, various data points are considered, including consumption volumes, production sites and quantities, import-export analyses, price trends, raw material costs, and assessments of both downstream and upstream value chains. Furthermore, the report considers the presence and accessibility of global brands and the challenges they face due to competition from local and national brands. In addition, the impact of domestic tariffs and trade routes is also analyzed, providing forward-looking analysis of country-specific data.

Reasons to buy this report:

The report presents crucial empirical and historical data essential for conducting a comparative analysis of the market scenarios.

The data is thoroughly analyzed using efficient analytical tools to ensure that accurate information is provided to business specialists.

Market trends and future forecasts are provided, incorporating statistical growth rates and market estimates.

The report also delves into the current market dynamics that continuously influence changes in customer behavior.

Furthermore, the report offers an excellent combination of both conceptual and statistical data encompassing all elements of the Computer Market.

Key questions answered in this report:

What would be the expected growth rate from 2023 to 2030? How big will it get in the expected time frame?

What are the main factors that will determine the future of the Affective Computing industry in the coming years?

Who are the main competitors in Affective Computing and what are their successful acquisition strategies?

What are the main trends influencing the growth of Affective Computing in different geographic areas?

What opportunities should you take precedence?

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Some of the main points of the TOC coverage:

Chapter 1: Techniques and scope

1.1 Definition and forecast parameters

1.2 Forecast methodology and parameters

1.3 Sources of information

Chapter 2: Summary of the latest trends

2.1 Regional trends

2.2 Product trends

2.3 End-use trends

2.4 Business Trends

Chapter 3: Insights into the Affective Computing industry

3.1 Fragmentation of the sector

3.2 Industrial landscape

3.3 Supplier matrix

3.4 Technological and innovative panorama

Chapter 4: Affective computing market, by region

Chapter 5: Company Profiles

5.1 Company Overview

5.2 Financial Elements

5.3 Product overview

5.4 SWOT analysis

5.5 Systematic perspective

Chapter 6: Assumptions and Acronyms

Chapter 7: Research methodology

Chapter 8: Contact (Continued…)

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