A woman helps a man use a computer.

AI talent is also in high demand in non-tech companies. And the jobs pay well into the six figures, up to $300,000.

A woman helps a man use a computer.

Even non-tech companies are looking to hire people with AI talent and are listing jobs with salaries above six figures.Getty Images

  • Companies across all industries are hiring talent to help them develop and use Generative AI.

  • Law firm Husch Blackwell and insurer Travelers are among those looking for AI expertise.

  • Advertisements for such roles tend to offer a base salary above $100,000 and go as high as $300,000.

AI developers, engineers and consultants are seeing many new job opportunities with companies far outside the traditional tech world looking to make generative AI work.

Listings for non-tech companies showed a wide range of salaries often topping well over $100,000 in base pay. One for a machine learning researcher role at trading company Jane Street indicated a salary range of $250,000 to $300,000. A Jane Street representative declined to comment.

Companies are looking for candidates whose knowledge of AI can help them use their internal data more extensively, such as making better predictions and decisions, said Aaron Sines, director of Austin-based technology recruiting firm Razoroo. An agricultural client is looking to potentially use AI to help estimate yields, he said.

“Demand for professionals with knowledge in AI research, machine learning, and deep learning really outstrips the available supply of candidates,” Sines said.

That means the salaries companies are offering to attract people with this kind of experience can quickly soar past six figures: Base salary ranges for AI researcher roles, even at non-tech companies, can range from $150,000 to $250,000, Sines said.

A screenshot from the Casetext website

Casetext, used by Husch Blackwell, offers AI search tools for lawyers.casetext.

“There’s certainly a shortage, I think, and our customers are acutely aware of that, that is inherently driving up the pressure on compensation.” he said.

Insurance company Travelers had listed a data engineer role seeking experience in AI, with a potential base salary of $113,900 to $188,000. The company’s CEO Alan Schnitzer affirmed the company’s push for AI in an earnings call this month, saying “we have a very significant number of our employees committed to the goal of making sure we’re at the cutting edge when it comes to AI.”

Exercise bike company Peloton Interactive has posted a role for a Machine Learning Engineer, with a salary range of $171,600 to $223,000 listed on LinkedIn. Yoga apparel company Alo has listed a senior data engineer role involving work on AI problems, which would offer a base pay of $160,000 to $220,000, according to the listing.

And AI-related roles don’t always require engineering or coding skills.

Law firm Husch Blackwell is hiring an “AI solutions strategist” who would help its lawyers learn how to efficiently use AI tools like Casetext’s CoCounsel, which uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. (It’s the same model that, in one test, passed the bar exam.)

CoCounsel is intended to help attorneys expedite tasks like reviewing contract terms and gathering materials for legal documentation, according to the Casetext website.

A photo of Husch Blackwell's office in Kansas City, Missouri.

A photo of Husch Blackwell’s office in Kansas City, Missouri.

Law firm Husch Blackwell has built a data science team and is hiring an AI solutions strategist.Husch Blackwell.

“Investing in AI talent and resources ensures they can take advantage of the latest advances in legal technology,” Valerie McConnell, vice president of client success at Casetext, told Insider in a statement, referring to her clients at the law firm. “CoCounsel enables law firms to deliver better outcomes for their clients, but the technology is only improved if the user is well educated about the product and its capabilities.”

For his AI role, Husch Blackwell sought qualified attorneys who understand AI and large language patterns and, ideally, also have some business consulting experience, said Blake Rooney, chief information officer at Husch Blackwell.

A listing for the role on LinkedIn provides multiple salary ranges depending on the candidates’ position, up to $164,000 for those in upstate New York. Employees can work in one of the company’s offices or remotely, or have a hybrid arrangement, according to the company. It’s also a bonus-eligible role, the firm said.

The position has already gotten “several hundred” responses, and the company is planning to finalize a hire soon, Rooney said. The company also plans to bring in more AI strategists if the hiring is successful, he said.

The ideal candidate should have “the ability to understand a business problem or technical problem and help design a solution,” Rooney said.

A screenshot of Husch Blackwell's list.

Law firm Husch Blackwell has been looking to hire an AI solutions strategist as it expands its use of AI.Screenshot from LinkedIn listing.

It’s a people approach that also showcases a strategy where non-tech companies like Husch Blackwell are doing two things to increase their use of commercially available AI technology like CoCounsel, and in some cases also looking to develop their own proprietary tools.

The law firm has already built a data science team over the past three years and has automated some routine tasks. For example, the company has leveraged OpenAI technology to speed up the biographies of about 112 summer interns it brought in this year.

The task, which was traditionally performed by client development team members, was now being performed by an AI-powered automation process in which interns simply answered a series of questions, and their answers would help generate their bio, Rooney said.

For professional services firms, it’s also about keeping up with customers who are embracing AI.

“So we want to be at the forefront of using technology,” Rooney said.

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