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The headquarters of the international American consumer electronics retailer Best Buy Co. are located in Richfield, Minnesota. It was first established in 1966 as an audio specialty store called Sound of Music by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler. In 1983, it changed its name to its current one with a focus on consumer electronics.
In addition to operating abroad in Canada, Best Buy was previously active in China until February 2011, when it merged with Five Star, and in Mexico until December 2020, when the COVID-19 outbreak had an impact. Up to2012, the business has operations across Europe as well. Geek Squad, Magnolia Audio Video, and Pacific Sales are a few of its subsidiaries. In addition, Best Buy runs the Insignia and Best Buy Mobile brands in North America and Five Star in China. In the US, Best Buy offers cell phones from AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Ting Mobile. Carriers in Canada include rival smaller carriers like SaskTel as well as Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, and its fighter brands.
Corie Barry took over as CEO of Best Buy in June 2019, while Hubert Joly is currently the executive chairman of the company. Best Buy is the biggest specialized store in the US consumer electronics retail market, according to Yahoo! Finance.In the 2018 Fortune 500 ranking of the biggest American firms by total revenue, the company came in at number 72.

Best Buy

Our Business

The largest consumer electronics shop in Canada, Best Buy Co. Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary that operates under the brands Best Buy, Geek Squad, Best Buy Mobile, and Best Buy Business.

Our Existence

160+ outlets from coast to coast
Eighty percent of Canadians reside 25 kilometers or less from one of our stores.
The most popular multichannel shop, receiving over 250 million visits annually both in-store and on BestBuy canada.

Best Buy

Our Folks

Over 12,000 Canadians work across the country.
With our home office situated in downtown Vancouver, we employ over 1,100 people who prioritize working remotely.
We make an investment in our employees by offering them flexible work schedules, remote work choices, full benefits, a pension plan that matches the employer’s contribution, an internal professional development program, and more.

Our Influence on Society

Our goal is to empower young people’s education by introducing them to technology.
Schools have received more than $2.2 million through our School Tech Grant program to modernize their equipment.
By providing more than $2.5 million in BGC Scholarships, we have assisted more than 800 young people in obtaining post-secondary education.
Youth can learn about modern technologies like robotics and 3D design at Geek Squad Academy.
With a range of green initiatives implemented throughout our shops and offices, Best Buy is dedicated to being an ecologically conscious company. Our Blue Gives Back program encourages workers to support the communities in which we live and work.

Our Achievement

The Top 100 Employers in Canada in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021
Top Employers in British Columbia (2012, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
Omnichannel Excellence in Retailing Awards, presented by the Retail Council of Canada (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
Distinguished Retailer of the Year (2019): Retail Council of Canada Excellence in Retailing Awards
Best Omnichannel Retailer (Large): Canada Post eCommerce Innovation Awards (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019)
Retail Innovator of the Year, Strategy Shopper Innovation Awards, 2018
Retail Innovator of the Year, eTail Best-in-Class Awards, 2018
HR Team of the Year (Retail or Hospitality) 2019 Canadian HR Awards

By fostering closer ties, Best Buy Canada raises customer satisfaction scores.

The biggest and most prosperous consumer electronics company in Canada, Best Buy Canada assists Canadians in furnishing their homes with the newest gadgets and entertainment options. It is the most well-known multichannel shop in the nation, receiving over 280 million visitors both in-person and online annually. Over 80% of consumer visits are made via digital means.
Best Buy Canada must continue to set itself apart from the competition in the ever-evolving retail and technology sectors. As part of its Assured Living program, which uses smart technology to help older people live independently longer, it has already embraced artificial intelligence. “Smart devices, like a refrigerator or a seat sensor, can disclose a lot about an individual’s behavior,” stated Hay-Sabourin, Best Buy Canada’s Senior Vice President of Ecommerce and Technology.

Relationships with customers are foremost at Best Buy Canada.

As it works toward its goal of enhancing lives through technology, Best Buy Canada is progressively adding services like Assured Living to its offering. This change necessitates a different strategy for customer relationship management. Hay-Sabourin remarked, “We used to be a transactional business; we would sell a product and move on.” “Our current priorities are serving our customers on their preferred channel and fostering enduring relationships with them.”
It is largely thanks to Salesforce that this relationship-driven strategy is possible. “With Salesforce, we can serve our customers before and after a transaction, allowing us to put the customer at the center of our business and create a connected, higher valued experience across customer touchpoints,” stated Greg Irvine, Senior Product Owner at Best Buy Canada.

Best Buy

A deeper comprehension of client demands leads to increased satisfaction.

Best Buy Canada must comprehend its clients in order to continue providing a wonderful experience as company offers grow and its relationships with customers change. Hay-Sabourin stated, “We want to consistently provide a more personalized service across various customer engagement channels, so we can anticipate and respond to their changing needs.”
In order to start personalizing its offerings, Best Buy Canada deployed Marketing Cloud in 2017 and Service Cloud to 600 customer support representatives in 2018. Hay-Sabourin stated, “The team can share knowledge and follow-up cases more easily with Service Cloud.” “After their first interaction, we want customers to be satisfied.” And they are: Since 2017, Best Buy’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) has increased by 10% annually.
During the same period, there has been a 16% year-over-year increase in the first-call resolution rate. Customer care representatives may see interactions across all channels, such as phone, chat, and email, thanks to Service Cloud. Best Buy Canada has a chance to strengthen their relationship with each new contact.
“When customers provide feedback on their experience with Best Buy, we can use this to tailor future conversations,” said Irvine. “The better the experience, the more advocates we have to help promote our brand and increase our share of voice.”

Customer communications are prioritized and personalized by Best Buy Canada.

Best Buy Canada must take care not to overload customers with information as it works to strengthen relationships with them. Marketing Cloud enables a consolidated method for prioritizing and sequencing messages with customers. Emails can be customized according on recipients’ interests, past purchases, support inquiries, and Geek Squad interactions.
Hay-Sabourin stated, “With Marketing Cloud, we can send more relevant customer communications and at the right frequency.” “It guarantees that disparate teams are not conveying contradictory messages.”

Best Buy Canada grows its seller marketplace with Salesforce.

As Best Buy Canada deepens its assortment authority in technology products and expands into new categories, such as luggage and sports, it needs to grow its online Marketplace, which provides customers with access to products from other sellers. “Marketplace is a locomotive of growth for us on digital channels,” said Hay-Sabourin.
Best Buy Canada manages Marketplace leads via Sales Cloud, which has helped to boost conversion rates and unlock new insights. “Leads used to be tracked on a spreadsheet with limited insights into the prospect,” said Irvine. “With Sales Cloud, we can empower the business development team with the information they need to convert more leads into Marketplace accounts. It also helps to automate key processes, which boosts productivity and improves lead follow-up times.”
The information captured in Sales Cloud enables Best Buy Canada to deepen its relationship with Marketplace sellers and provide them with a better experience. Best Buy wants to extend this further by creating an online sellers’ community for sharing sales tips and onboarding information. “We want to keep growing Marketplace with more sellers and products to wow our customers,” said Hay-Sabourin. “With Community Cloud, we can encourage crowd learning across Marketplace.”

Best Buy

Best Buy Canada uses technology to improve people’s lives.

Enhancing customer and seller involvement is just one aspect of Best Buy Canada’s success story. The company also aims to empower its 12,000 staff members, whether they are employed in the company’s 175 stores, the headquarters, or the field. “We’ve implemented an agile mentality at Best Buy, which has enabled us to take a user-centric approach that powers the Salesforce platform’s employee experience. Our entire development process is collaborative, iterative, and user-focused, which enables us to boost platform adoption and give our staff members an outstanding experience,” added Irvine.


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