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Capital One


With its headquarters in McLean, Virginia, and the main branches in the United States, Capital One Financial Corporation is an American bank holding corporation that specializes in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts.

Capital One

A full-service bank, Capital One provides no-fee accounts along with affordable rates to meet most clients’ banking needs. Capital One is usually thought of as an online bank, even though it does have banks and Capital One Cafés in certain places. Capital One offers credit cards, auto loans, business and commercial solutions, and popular consumer banking services. Customers who seek the high rates and cheap costs of online banks with access to traditional bank services can consider it a good option due to this.

The Capital One personal banking products are the subject of this assessment. As of September 7, 2023, account details and yearly percentage yields (APYs) are valid.

Basics of Capital One Accounts

The steep interest rates of an online challenger bank are combined with the convenience of a large ATM network and branches for in-person deposits and payments with Capital One 360 banking. While the checking and savings options are more simple than at most banks, the account options are nonetheless competitive. Along with a large selection of credit cards and no international transaction fees, Capital One additionally provides CDs and auto loans.

Capital One


The Capital One 360 Checking Account can meet your checking needs. A 360 Checking Master card debit card, a free first checkbook, no minimum starting deposit, and no ongoing balance limitations are included with every account.

In addition, Capital One provides three overdraft options for its 360 Checking account holders:

  1. Auto-downgrade
  2. Free transfer of savings
  3. Day-after grace

If that’s not enough, Capital One checking accounts also yield 0.10% on all balance categories, which is higher than the national average according to the FDIC but less than some of the finest checking accounts give. Customers can also use their Capital One checking account to set up payment of bills online.


With a yearly percentage yield of 4.30%, the Capital One 360 Performance Savings Account is a high-yield savings account. There is no minimum beginning deposit and no minimum balance requirement, as is the case with other Capital One accounts.

This is an excellent place for maintaining your emergency fund—this no-fee savings account. It’s also a great account for savings to help you save for other things, like a college education for your child or a family vacation. Consumers who want to optimize their savings efforts can set up automatic transfers. A great supplement to a 360 Checking account is a 360 Performance Savings account.

Teen Checking Account with Money

The Capital One MONEY Teen Checking account is a great choice for parents wishing to provide their children with banking options. Parents and teenagers can both access the joint account via the mobile app and the internet. A complimentary debit card is also included, which may be used at ATMs and for purchases all around the nation.

Despite being given a “teen checking account,” any child eight years of age and older is eligible to open one. There are no minimum opening deposit or balance requirements, and there are no monthly fees. BANK With an APY of 0.10%, teen checking accounts are also beneficial.

Your child can start a 360 Checking account and move money from their teen checking account to it once they turn eighteen.

Capital One

Teenage Savings Plan

For kids, the Capital One Kids Savings Account is an additional choice. Both the parent and the child’s names may be used when opening an account. For easier transfers, a savings account can be connected to other Capital One accounts.

While children and parents can both access the savings account, only parents have the capacity to carry out more complicated financial actions such as transfers. There can be no more than six transfers (including internal transfers) per month.
Through Kids Savings accounts, you can earn 0.30% annual percentage yield, avoid monthly fees, and have no required opening deposit or balance limitations. Capital One provides tools like automatic savings plans and monetary objective setting to teach kids how to save. Parents and children can monitor goal progress along the way by using the website or mobile app. When a kid achieves the legal age of 18, their Kids Savings accounts automatically transform into 360 Savings accounts.

Utilize on the Move

Both the App Store and Google Play have given the Capital One mobile app excellent reviews. As an all-in-one mobile banking solution, it really delivers. The app offers a number of choices to make banking easier while on the move in addition to having access to all of your Capital One accounts. Among the tools are a few:

  1. Depositing checks via mobile
  2. Tailored notifications and alerts
  3. Cost monitoring
  4. Account report access
  5. Security of debit card locks
  6. Credit Wise offers a free credit score
  7. The payment network Zelle

Tracking rewards with credit cards

Eno, your Capital One assistant, offers an additional method for staying connected while on the go. Eno offers account statistics and alerts to help customers. It operates in the background to identify questionable account activity. In order to increase the security of online purchase, Eno also offers virtual card numbers. There are three methods to receive alerts: via email, SMS, and notifications.

Capital One


  1. Competitive rates in savings
  2. Interest paid on your bank account.
  3. No ongoing expenses
  4. No opening deposit required
  5. No minimum balance is necessary.
  6. Mobile deposit of checks
  7. Huge ATM network


  1. Average CD rates exist.
  2. Few local branches in


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