Big data and cloud computing, 3d rendering.

Digital Transformation: Legacy ICT Challenges

Big data and cloud computing, 3d rendering.
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Crown Commercial Service (CCS) technology experts discuss how public sector clients can overcome some of the challenges associated with legacy ICT and chart a better path to digital transformation

What is the government’s Cloud First policy?

The government’s Cloud First Policy and desire for digital transformation to improve outcomes have delivered demonstrable benefits across the public sector. In the government roadmap for digital and data, mission 4 outlines how departments will modernize across the public sector, moving away from legacy ICT systems and ensuring all major systems operate in appropriate environments that are safe and secure. Additionally, Mission 6 seeks to improve digital skills across government, which includes cloud understanding and skills.

What is Legacy Infrastructure or Legacy ICT?

Legacy infrastructure refers to obsolete and unsupported Information and Communications Technology (ICT) devices or applications. It can also refer to hardware and operating system architectures that are not typically offered by major public cloud vendors.

How is the cloud better than legacy ICT systems?

Public cloud adoption is critical because it offers tools, capabilities, and ways of working that maximize organizational adaptability and scalability. It’s a great way to improve the operating models and skills of your workforce. Provides:

Greater security and resilience.
Better carbon net zero results.
Better value for money and scalability.

An example of the benefits of public cloud is that the vendors behind ICT are located in large scale data centers. These buildings are extremely efficient, which lowers costs and reduces carbon.

This has led to an increase in cloud spending. Cloud spend for organizations of all sizes is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% annually, compared to 7% on legacy (Gartner, 2022).

Balancing cost and performance

Choosing the right migration strategy is key to getting the best value out of the cloud. It’s important to balance performance with cost to make the right choice for your organization.

At CCS we know that balance is difficult. For some services, the choice of public cloud is obvious. For example, for some organizations, migration can be simple and, once completed, will reduce operational costs.

For others, the migration can be time-consuming, costly, and potentially increase operational costs.

To manage this transition effectively, most public sector IT leaders are moving towards a hybrid strategy. This allows them to benefit from the best of traditional ICT, private cloud and community cloud alongside public cloud.

As part of the government’s review of its Cloud First policy, the Central Digital and Data Office is further developing the advice and support it provides to drive smaller-scale change, cloud adoption and the move to more cloud-like automation, including private cloud examples and the move to Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which will help you move away from legacy ICT.

Crown Hosting an alternative to public cloud

For those ICT services that are not yet ready to migrate to the public cloud, our Crown Hosting deal is an option. Crown Hosting uses the same campus-based hyperscale data center technology as public cloud providers and shares the same sites. It offers you low cost and minimal carbon footprint for traditional ICT, private cloud and community cloud.

The commercial advantages of Crown Hosting are divided into two categories, direct and indirect. Directly, customers who move to Crown Hosting, without ICT changes, will reduce their electricity consumption and bill by 75% on average. Crown Hosting also offers better prices of services than other equivalent providers in the UK market. Indirectly, Crown Hosting can help you save even more.

These sites host a large community of public sector organisations, all of which need network connectivity, ICT service provision and related products and services. This large community generates demand, leading to opportunities for further savings through competition.

As organizations continue to develop transformational strategies, Crown Hosting’s hybrid environment provides a technology solution for cost savings and the advancement of carbon reduction.

Next steps and how we can help you

Our dedicated commercial specialists have deep category knowledge and can help you understand the requirements of your organisation. They can advise you on strategy, execution and best practices to support your commercial strategy.

To find out more about how we can help you get started or progress on your migration journey, get in touch:

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