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Google Flights is an online search engine for booking flights that makes it easier to buy airline tickets from independent vendors. After a buyout, Google launched it in 2011. Now, it’s a component of Google Travel. While you can compare prices from third-party booking sites like and, Google Flights is one of the best choices when making a direct airline reservation. Furthermore, having the option to personalize your search is a pleasant change from the industry standard of carefully selected round-trip packages.

Google  Flight

How to Use Google Flights?

From the biggest airlines in the world to smaller, regional carriers, Google Flights searches the flight inventory for both domestic and international airlines.
But there is one significant exception. Due to a lack of a partnership with Google, Southwest Airlines is not available on Google Flights. You should check the low-cost airline’s website separately if you are looking for flights; the fares are not displayed here.
“To put it in nerd parlance, Google Flights is a meta search engine,” says Kyle Potter, chief editor of the travel and flight deal website Thrifty Traveler. Put simply, it is a search engine of search engines that aggregates flight information from several dozen, if not hundreds, of websites.
If you use Google Flights, you can enter your desired destination and departure city into Google’s browser for a given set of dates. Additionally, you will be able to choose specific filters that will influence the cost, such as:

Count of the stops.
Preferred carriers.
Both checked and carry-on luggage.
Range of prices.
Time of departure and arrival.
Connecting the layover airports.
Airline class, including first class, business, premium economy, and economy tickets.

“The most affordable dates are indicated in green on a two-month calendar, and there are pop-up notifications if you can save even more money by moving your flights by a day or two,” Potter explains. “You can set up price alerts with Google to receive emails whenever prices move significantly. This is a great way to know when it’s time to book if prices drop or to rebook to save even more money.”

Google  Flight

Google Flights appeals to both frequent and infrequent travelers thanks to these features.
Inspired Citizen is a luxury travel and lifestyle platform founded by Anthony Berklich, a travel advisor. “I like Google Flights because I can do a calendar search for flights in real time,” Berklich says.
If you are flexible, you can see a clear picture of the month’s schedule and estimate the cost of your flights. Additionally, you can enter a region, such as South America. For instance, I might have wanted to travel to Peru, but it will indicate that flights to Ecuador are more affordable at the time I want to travel. It makes choosing a destination based on cost simple,” he claims.

Travel agencies online vs. Google Flights

Similar to other flight search engines like Hopper and Skyscanner, Google Flights shows you a large selection of flights that are available depending on the criteria you enter. You will be taken to the airline’s website to finalize your booking after choosing the desired flight.
Between Google Flights and an online travel agency (OTA) like Travelocity, Expedia, or Orbitz, there is a big difference. You will use their third-party service to make the arrangements with these businesses.
When an OTA has a special agreement or partnership with an airline, there’s a chance that the fare will be less. It may therefore be beneficial to visit those websites as well. Examine the difference between the fare listed on Google Flights and the one offered by the OTA. The savings may be attractive if the ticket for the same or comparable flight is less expensive.

Travel portals using credit cards versus Google


If you have a travel credit card, using the portal offered by your credit card company—such as Capital One Travel, Chase Ultimate Rewards, or American Express Travel—is another method to find cheap flights.
However, you might still want to look at Google Flights first. Use the search engine to find the desired flight, then return to the credit card travel portal to evaluate costs.
“The prices you see on Google Flights will be exactly what you’ll find through Chase or Amex, with a few exceptions,” claims Potter.

Google  Flight

Is it Worthwhile to Check Google Flights?

Even a quick glance at Google Flights is a good idea when looking for the best deals on airfare. It’s quick, simple, and free. Just open your browser and do a Google search on your smartphone to stay up to date on price changes.
“My advice is to regularly clear the cookies on your browser and use different devices to search,” says Berklich, who frequently uses Google Flights.
They may utilize algorithms to prioritize certain, potentially more costly flights. It pays to do extensive research and stay up to date with current events. He continues, “Since everyone is trying to take advantage of you, always look for the best deal so you can make an informed choice.
Potter is particularly gung-ho: “Travelers should use Google Flights 101 times out of 100,” he declares. We’ve been promoting Google Flights for years, and as people return to their regular travel schedules and beyond, it seems like the trend is finally taking off. There isn’t a website that can assist you nearly as effectively in finding the greatest travel deal.

The Google Flights 411

We favor this website over all others for a reason. We personally use it as a resource to locate affordable domestic and international travel.
But let’s go back a little and go over the fundamentals. To begin with, let’s review the most fundamental of all: Google’s search engine differs from other well-known travel search engines such as Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, and Skyscanner
You can actually purchase your flight, hotel, cruise, or other travel-related items from any of those platforms, which are known as online travel agencies, or OTAs. Conversely, Google functions as a worldwide dissemination channel wherein airlines directly release their ticket prices. Additionally, some major OTAs like Priceline and Expedia have some fares available. For flights, it’s essentially a one-stop shop.

Google  Flight

Google Flights: How trustworthy is it?

Very dependable.
Google obtains its data directly from the databases of all airlines and online travel agencies. The majority of the time, errors are caused by mistakes made by the airline, not by Google. Nevertheless, due to the frequent fluctuations in airfare, Google occasionally shows an inaccurate price that has since updated as a result of cached data. Usually, this is resolved in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.
The airline is usually the one you end up booking with, so you don’t have to worry about not receiving the flight you paid for.


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