Is there AI casting now?  Charisma Carpenter waves red flag over new fee-free audition platform that cuts out the middleman

Is there AI casting now? Charisma Carpenter waves red flag over new fee-free audition platform that cuts out the middleman

EXCLUSIVE: There’s not much about the self-recording audition process that Charisma Carpenter likes. There is almost no feedback. There are no remakes. And if he doesn’t pay for a bus to read with her, he has to rely on her friends in her Midwestern city.

But she would choose that scenario however flawed the new reality may be rather than relying on artificial intelligence to help her get a job. So when she received a random email to join the Largo.ais 100 Actors program, she waved the red flag on social media just as other SAG-AFTRA members were picketing to fight for the protection of AI.

An email from a Swiss-based salesman promised direct connections to producers and directors (allowing you to receive auditions directly from them). He also said that will automatically suggest matching characters to the producers/directors and you won’t be charged any fees for the roles you secure.

Welp, AI is also coming to casting directors, agents and managers, Carpenter wrote on his Instagram account. Seen as intermediaries. AI protections across the board!

One of the actors who responded to Carpenter’s post was Yellow jackets Melanie Lynskey, who wrote having intermediaries who believe in you and think of you for those roles that may not seem 100% right for you but know you can make it, is how an actor builds a career. This is crazy.

Reached by Deadline, Carpenter called the AI ​​casting process ridiculous and insisted that AI is not a belief system. They can take data and statistics and spit out a formula that says this person is right for this part, but there’s no foresight, continues the actress known for her work on Angel AND Dynasty. AI doesn’t know me, doesn’t know the richness of my soul. They don’t know my life experiences. They don’t know the books I’ve read. They never had those conversations with me about how right I am for a part that perhaps the data would not have predicted.

The Casting Society declined to comment on the AI ​​casting, but a spokesperson pointed to a recent Reddit thread suggesting it’s a possible scam. Not so, insists CEO Sami Arpa of, which also has a presence in Los Angeles, London and Istanbul, according to his website.

We can see that the current reactions are rather superficial by positioning the general AI as a direct enemy, by choosing directors or voice actors, Arpa wrote to Deadline. Our system has nothing to do with both. was created primarily for producers, studios and distributors and many of them have already been using our platform since 2019. The main focus of our platform is to analyze content already in the script development stage and provide feedback to producers on story, casting and potential audience along with expected financial results.

Our system is not destroying any jobs as stated in some of those Instagram posts, which are people who have no idea about the platform, Arpa continued via email. As far as casting is concerned, the system has offered producers more than 100,000 actors completely free of charge over the past 4 years. Our new actor system is just an add-on system that we released for actors, after receiving requests from many actors. Because our AI was already proposing the actors to the producers automatically based on their past credits in the last 4 years, and we were getting requests if we could provide them the option to directly connect with the producers in such connection made by the AI. That’s how we started this additional service in a narrow and experimental way for actors.

Carpenter has no interest in exploring what has to offer. After posting on IG, fans called it scary while actor Jordan Gavaris (The lake) called it absolute madness. The only reason I ever had a job is because casting supported me for amorphous reasons, wrote Gavaris. AI will never be a fan.

I’ve had wonderful casting directors bring me back time and time again to get hired, she tells Deadline. I’m really having a hard time seeing what the benefit is for actors going this route.

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