MapQuest often spelled mapquest, is a free web mapping service available in the United States. It was introduced as the first for-profit web mapping service in 1996. MapQuest competes with rivals like Google Maps and Here for market share.


Past Events

The establishment of Cartographic Services, a branch of R.R. Donnelley & Sons in Chicago, in 1967 marked the beginning of MapQuest. In 1969, the company relocated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. R.R. Donnelley & Sons started creating maps and routes for clients in the middle of the 1980s, and Barry Glick, a Ph.D. candidate at the University at Buffalo, helped with this. It was split off to become Geo Systems Global Corporation in 1994. In 1996, a large portion of the code was modified for the Internet to launch the MapQuest web service. The initial offerings of MapQuest were driving directions (known as “Trip Quest”) and mapping (called “Interactive Atlas”).
The executive team of Barry Glick and Perry Evans relocated MapQuest to the burgeoning LoDo neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, in response to the growing demand for spatial applications on the Internet and the crippling network latency in Lancaster.
The original Denver roster included Harry Grout, Chris Fanjoy, Simon Greenman, and Evans. Greenman oversaw the development of a comprehensive suite of geographical tools that were necessary to establish MapQuest as a competitive player in the online spatial application market. Grout was entrusted with obtaining data and licensing agreements. He had previously worked at Rand McNally, Etak, and Navigation Technologies Corporation developing digital map data. The original team in the Denver office grew quickly, and MapQuest quickly gained recognition as a well-known brand.


MapQuest is made by who?

Phosphonates from Italmatch Chemicals’ Mayoquest® solutions are used as scale inhibitors in a range of applications, including oil and gas and industrial water treatment.

What features does the MapQuest app offer?

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Does GPS power MapQuest?

Use the turn-by-turn GPS navigation app MapQuest to get where you need to go. MapQuest offers all the navigational aids you need to get around the United States and Canada, including voice navigation for driving or walking directions and the ability to explore points of interest on maps.

What is the maps app’s objective?

Maps provides you with directions and determines the best route to your destination based on traffic data in real-time. You can hear traffic alerts, turn directions, lane recommendations, and whether there’s a better route when using voice navigation.


Does MapQuest remain active?

For MapQuest, this entails reiterating its existence, refreshing its brand, and eventually starting from scratch with new technology. It’s a protracted trip. One smartphone user has the MapQuest mobile app for every twenty that have Google Maps installed. A few businesses have survived being on the verge of bankruptcy.

Does Android support MapQuest?

MapQuest: Directions and Maps :Android App Store on


Programs and services

For its mapping system, MapQuest currently makes use of a few of TomTom’s services.
For many different countries, MapQuest offers some degree of street-level detail or driving directions. On the MapQuest home page, users can use a dropdown menu to see if their country is available.
The business provides a free mobile app with voice-guided navigation, real-time traffic, POI search, and other features for iOS and Android users. There is a mobile-friendly website available on MapQuest.
Along with a number of travel-related products, MapQuest also offers a feature that allows users to compare local gas prices—a feature that is reminiscent of GasBuddy’s service. Nevertheless, only in the US is this feature accessible.
By directing users directly to POI data, MapQuest’s wayfinding software sets itself apart from competitors.


Putting out

MapQuest sold its publishing division in October 2006 so that it could focus on its mobile and online services.

What are MapQuest’s functions?

MapQuest provides a variety of mobile phone services, such as MapQuest Mobile, which allows users to access maps and driving directions on their cell phones for a monthly fee; MapQuest Traffic, which notifies users of traffic updates via their mobile device.


MapQuest for Enterprise

As a business, MapQuest generates revenue primarily from two sources: licensing its mapping technology to other enterprises through MapQuest for Business, and selling advertisements that run on the website. Over 250,000 B2B (business-to-business) clients of MapQuest for Business currently use MapQuest’s geocoding and routing algorithms to power their own software and logistics solutions. Companies use MapQuest in a variety of ways.
For example, Global DMS is a company that produces eTrac software, which assists real estate agents in accurately determining the value of their properties. eTrac must compare the target home to neighboring properties of a similar size in order to accomplish this. Using MapQuest’s technology, the software not only finds homes in the vicinity but also shows potential buyers maps with nearby attractions like parks, schools, and grocery stores.
MapQuest is also used by some of the biggest hospitals and electronic medical record (EMR) companies in the world for precise geocoding, routing, and navigation.


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