MOGO (company) Loans

MOGO (company) Loans


David Marshall Feller established Mogo Inc., a Vancouver-based business, in 2003. Select clients can access their credit scores through Equifax, apply for loans, mortgages, Visa Prepaid Cards, and “identity fraud protection” through the organization. In June 2015, Mogo conducted an initial public offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Mogo struck a deal with Post media in January 2016 to trade free newspaper ads for a portion of the company’s earnings. 2017 saw the company start providing mortgages. Mogo Financial purchased Carta in January 2021 for ten million Mogo shares, representing a transaction value of more than $100 million CAD.
Mogo provides both good and bad credit individuals with personal loans. In three minutes, apply and receive a quote without compromising your credit. In certain circumstances, you may be eligible to receive your interest and fees back if you repay the principle within 100 days.
For Kenyans, MOGO offers reasonably priced finance solutions for secondhand automobiles, logbook loans, Boda Boda, and Tuk Tuk loans.

MOGO (company) Loans

Canadian MOGO Personal Loans

One of the best Canadian lenders for personal loans is Mogo Financial. Many of us shouldn’t be surprised by this given Mogo is well regarded for being among the nation’s most accommodating lenders. Is their service, however, truly worth it? We hope that our analysis of Mogo Loans will assist you in determining if Mogo is the best lender for you.

Mogo’s Offerings

While we’re going to focus on Mogo personal loans on this page, we do want to point out that the company offers a variety of different financial services. This includes mortgages, wealth management, cryptocurrency, and prepaid credit cards. In the past, Mogo loans were quite convoluted. They offered a variety of different loans based upon your borrowing requirements. However, now it seems they have pretty much all been rolled into the same service. While we’re sure that Mogo still uses the old loan names internally to help construct offers, newer customers are unaware of this. So, if you’ve of heard names such as Mogo Liquid and the like in the past, bear in mind that these are no longer listed as individual loans.

Financed Good

The conditions that comprise a Mogo personal loan have recently altered, as we have already said. They no longer provide various lending options under various product names. Alternatively, you may simply tap in the total amount of money you like to borrow over time, and Mogo will be able to inform you if they are able to extend a loan to you or not.

MOGO (company) Loans

Limitations on Application

Through Mogo, anyone over the age of 18 who resides in Canada (with the exception of Quebec) may apply for a loan.
Applying for a loan requires that you have a steady job. You have to be earning $13,000 or more annually. Having said that, your loan application will most likely be denied if your income is below this limit. At that time, it makes no difference how high your credit score is. Mogo thinks you would find it difficult to repay your debts if your salary is below the required minimum.

Features of Loans from Mogo

In the event that your Mogo loan application is accepted, you will have access to credit monitoring services. If you want to track the changes in your credit score while you pay back your loan, this is great. Equifax will always get reports from Mogo and provide credit ratings. Since this is one of Canada’s most respected credit reporting companies, you ought to be able to gather some reasonable insight into how potential lenders will perceive you.
Those who are approved for a Mogo Loan will also have the opportunity to receive a free prepaid Visa credit card, albeit this is not a significant benefit. Though it won’t help with credit building because it’s pre-paid, this can be unexpectedly helpful.
Having access to their app for the length of your loan is one of the more helpful aspects of Mogo loans. You will always be able to view the remaining balance on your loan as well as any accrued interest. You’ll be able to manage your money a little bit better with this handy little function.
Additionally, there won’t be any financial penalties when you return your loan whenever you choose. This implies that if you pay off your debt in full, you won’t have to pay any interest in the future.

Terms of Loan

Mogo Loans allows you to take out loans ranging from $500 to $35,000.
A loan’s maximum period is five years, and its lowest is two years. This is about standard for the loan kind. These days, the majority of Canadian lenders do not provide loan periods longer than five years.

MOGO (company) Loans

Rates of Interest

Your credit history will determine the interest rates that you will be offered. Although Mogo states that their average interest rate is approximately 19%, if your credit score is average, you should anticipate receiving an offer in the 20% to 25% area. Interest rates above 40% have been observed by those with bad credit records, which is a little bit excessive for this kind of personal loan.

The Method of Application

Applying is a simple and quick process. It is actually among the easiest loan application procedures available. Everything is done via the internet.
Entering the desired loan amount and payback terms is the first step in the loan application process. After that, Mogo will check your credit with Equifax. Although Mogo also considers your credit utilization percentage, they will mostly be examining your credit score here. They will instantly reject you if it is greater than 55%.
After that, you’ll receive an offer determined by your income and credit score. If you accept the offer, Mogo will want documentation of your income and verification that you are the owner of the bank account. Though your odds of getting a loan are good if you make it this far, keep in mind that you are still not promised one at this point.
Within a day of everything being approved, the funds will be in your account. It should not take more than two or three days to complete the entire process.

MOGO (company) Loans


The fact that most loans from Mogo Financial come with a 100-day cooling-off period is one of the main advantages of doing business with them. You have the option to return the funds within that time frame if you determine the loan is not for you. Any interest and fees you may have paid up until then will be reimbursed to you. Although we doubt many people take advantage of this benefit, it is still good to have.
Despite being lower than most other lenders, the minimum income criterion of $13,000 is still in place. Therefore, you might have a good chance of being approved for a Mogo personal loan if other lenders are turning you down because of your poor income.
It’s possible that those with weaker credit scores will have an easier time getting a loan from Mogo approved. Even though it will still be challenging if you have a bad credit history, several borrowers have said that Mogo Financial has given them greater success than any other lender.


The main problem with Mogo loans is their propensity to bury minor costs in the fine print. They don’t specifically state that loan origination fees are part of the loan cost, but they will be. This is something that neither we nor many of the reviewers of Mogo Canada find particularly appreciative.
Th only other significant problem is the exorbitant late payment penalties. Before you even include in the amount of money your bank would charge you for not having enough money in your account, we are talking about up to $50. Of course, since you should be making your loan payments on schedule anyhow, it’s difficult to view this as a significant drawback.


For those with steady jobs and a semi-decent credit score, a Mogo personal loan is an excellent choice. Together with the opportunity to borrow lesser amounts of money over longer terms, you will appreciate the attractive interest rates that are being offered. To obtain a better understanding of your possibilities that might be more appropriate for your particular situation, you might want to take a look at websites like Rate Genie if your credit score is low.


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