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Rest 2is officially out after a three day early access period and PC gamers are already forming strong opinions. The game is remarkably challenging, despite not including any ray tracing settings. Furthermore, the developers insist that the game was designed with upscaling tools like Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) in mind, causing some backlash from PC gamers.

I played just under 16 hours during the Early Access period, including a full campaign. WhileRest 2it’s demanding even on flagship hardware, you can turn down most graphics settings without affecting the look of the game. Here are the best settings to getRest 2in a playable state on PC.

Best settings for Remnant 2 on PC


Rest 2it has a small graphics settings menu, but they can make a big difference in performance. Here are the best settings I’ve found after about 15 hours of gameplay:

  • Scale increase: Balanced DLSS
  • Shadow quality: Bass
  • Post production:High
  • Foliage quality:High
  • Effect quality:medium
  • View distance:High

These are the exact settings I played with while gaming, and this is with an RTX 4090. You can push them that low because they have minimal impact on visual quality, and in most scenes, you can’t tell the difference. Take the scene below. You get a little less sharpness on the tweaked settings which DLSS easily compensates for, but I struggle to see anything else that’s changed. There is slightly less shadow on the rocks, but sharpness is present throughout the scene and even the reflections look identical.

It’s not just this scene. As you can see in the dark scene below, cranking the shadow quality down to Low has no impact on the final image. The main difference is the tower in the back. With the Ultra preset, you can see the shadow of a city on the slope near the back of the image, which is absent from the Low preset. It’s an easy compromise to strike, especially considering the performance improvements.

With the Ultra preset, I averaged 62 frames per second (fps) in Ward 13, which is far from the most demanding area of ​​the game. At some points, even with an RTX 4090, I dipped into 40fps territory. The optimized settings resulted in an average frame rate of 79fps in Ward 13, and it’s hard to argue with a 27% performance boost with virtually no impact on image quality. And with DLSS set to Balanced, my average frame rate jumped to 125fps.

I recommend keeping DLSS on if you can. Unfortunately, it’s only available on Nvidia RTX graphics cards, so if you have anything older or from AMD, you’ll need to go with AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) or Intel XeSS. As you can see above, DLSS is clearly ahead when it comes to image quality, but XeSS isn’t far behind. FSR is the one setting that affects image quality the most, making almost everything in the scene softer.

Some issues that need to be addressed

Although you can improve your performance inRest 2With the settings I’ve recommended, it’s currently hard to overlook issues with gaming PC performance. You clearly need an upscaler to hit a stable frame rate, even on high-end hardware, but the more pressing issue is the graphics menu. There are only five settings and they do very little.

This lets you go all the way down to Low on many settings without affecting the final image much, but it also means there’s a very narrow performance window. The game desperately needs more graphics bandwidth to run on a wider range of hardware. On the bright side, the game seems to overcome many of the shortcomings of the Unreal Engine, on which it’s built. I saw proper CPU core scaling on a Core i9-13900K as well, and little in the way of shader compilation stuttering. If the developer can flesh out the graphical menu more, this could be a very solid PC release.


There is also the DLSS 3 issue. Generating DLSS frames on RTX 40 series graphics cards can cause games to look similar too Warhammer 40K: Dark Tideplayable, but it’s terribleRest 2.If you turn on DLSS Frame Generation, you’re locked to 60fps. Note that DLSS frame generation also creates half of those frames, so the game appears to run at 30fps despite looking like 60fps. This is easily the worst DLSS 3 showcase I’ve ever seen, and it might as well not be in the game.

The developers say they will roll out more performance updates in the coming weeks and hopefully include more graphics settings. They really should too. As we wrote earlier, Rest 2it has some of the best boss design we’ve seen in a shooter, and it would be a shame it went to waste due to poor performance.

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