SAG-AFTRA's Duncan Crabtree-Ireland highlights need for informed consent to protect actors from AI abuse

SAG-AFTRA’s Duncan Crabtree-Ireland highlights need for informed consent to protect actors from AI abuse

SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland was at Comic-Con on Friday, joining voiceover actors to talk about the threat of AI in their profession for the National Association of Voiceover Actors panel AI in Entertainment: The Performers Perspective Panel.

AI is voluntarily implemented by these big companies and people need to hold them accountable, Crabtree-Ireland said. We do not accept the premise that we do what they say.

AI can be implemented in a human-centric way instead of breaking them down, he added.

While voice-over actors are allowed to do video game work during the ongoing strike, they cannot do voice-over work for feature films, TV shows, and trailers from affected companies.

If anyone wants to know how AI voice-over actors are affected, it was in the testimony of Cissy Jones (Transformers Earthrise) Today. He expressed grave concern about public fan mods, whereby fans use a celebrity’s voice to record any joke they want, using their vocal likeness and posting it online. Jones said fan mods, while they can be blatant, can be harmful in other cases.

If I don’t have the ability to control what my voice says and what’s false or not, it can hurt me personally, financially, and (there are things) I don’t want my kids to hear, Jones said. I understand the fun, but I would ask with all my soul that they (the fans) step into our shoes.

NAVA President and Founder Tim Friedlander (Ragnarok records) went a step further to explain that it’s not just fan mods abusing voice actors, but also instances where voice actors find their voices from one game being used without their consent in another. Similar situations are happening with promotions. On a whole different level with AI, there are also deep fakes where the likenesses of the actors are used in nefarious ways.

Anyone who has seen Joan Is Awful, the first episode of Black mirror anyone can imagine a world not too far from now this season where abuse strikes us today, said Crabtree-Ireland.

Everyone is concerned about their personal lives, perhaps their face is being used without real informed consent, he explained.

And that’s the vital point of getting fair treatment and protection against AI for voice-over actors, he said. Your informed consent.

That means artists need to understand what will be done with the digital replica of their voice, Crabtree-Ireland said.

AI abuses are happening in voice acting more than in any other field.

No one should think there is less determination in the voiceover actor or gaming community, said Crabtree-Ireland.

Crabtree-Ireland pointed out that while companies have said they are doing everything to protect AI, they are not. He encouraged Hilton Bayfront Aqua Ballroom consumers to talk to these companies. Crabtree-Ireland says they will listen if consumers speak up. They care about shareholder value in terms of bottom line and consumers walking away, she said.

While SAG-AFTRA will contract for the protection of its members’ AI, what about piracy? Piracy is also a culprit of duplicating online entries.

The way SAG-AFTRA will police Crabtree-Ireland is through a combination of collective bargaining, law and order and fan education so everyone is on the same page. Essentially, a set of limits around the implementation of AI.

There must be public policy on deep fakes, he stressed.

And politicians will worry about deep fakes and the need to take action against them, Jones said.

How easily they can be faked deep into a major election, he stressed.

Moderator Linsay Rousseau also joined today’s panel (Transformers: War for Cybertron, God of War Ragnarok) and Ashly Burch (Mythic mission, Horizon Zero Dawn).

Zeke Alton, SAG-AFTRA negotiating member, said: We are negotiating for our very existence.

This is not a bargaining battle between a union and a company, Crabtree-Ireland said. It’s existential.

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