Image by Zaha Hadid Architects of the Neom project made with Midjourney

Seven architecture projects designed by artificial intelligence from Pinterest by Dezeen

The impact of AI on design and architecture is an increasingly hot topic. Searches for AI design have increased significantly on Pinterest, and we’ve rounded up seven architecture projects from our AI design board.

A growing number of architects and designers are now using text-to-image generators, including ChatGPT, Dalle-E, and MidJourney, to assist them throughout the design process.

This roundup features firms like Zaha Hadid Architects and Hickok Cole, who have used AI to design conceptual buildings.

Scroll down to see seven AI-designed projects, and browse our popular AI projects board on Pinterest to learn more.

Image by Zaha Hadid Architects of the Neom project made with Midjourney

Zaha Hadid Architects

This year, Zaha Hadid Architects principal Patrik Schumacher revealed the studio’s use of image-generated technology to produce design ideas for projects.

Schumacher presented several images of buildings made using DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, including visualizations of potential projects for Neom. The AI-generated images featured the studio’s signature fluid, muscular style.

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Manas Bhatia

Manas Bhatia

Indian architect and computational designer Manas Bhatia used the text image generator Midjourney to create a project designed to ‘make people think of a future where architecture coexists with nature’.

Bhatia hopes that by creating images of buildings with natural qualities using artificial intelligence, people will imagine a world where architecture and nature can coincide. Bhatia also created the main image for this story.

Dezeen spoke with Bhatia and other architects and designers about how AI software will change architecture and design.

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Hickok Cole building designed using ChatGPT

Hickok Cole

Hickok Cole project architect Jack Lynch used AI chatbot ChatGPT to design a large mixed-use building with a green roof and swimming pool as a research project.

The building designed by ChatGPT was envisioned to be 24 stories tall and house commercial, office, residential, hotel and library spaces. To visualize the structure, Lynch used ChatGPT to create prompts and fed them into the text-to-image AI tool Midjourney.

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Crumble Lookx paper

Tim Fu

Designer Tim Fu used LookX to turn crumpled paper photographs into building models inspired by architects Frank Gehry (above) and Zaha Hadid.

“It has so much potential, not just in the present but also in the future, because it’s just going to go in a much more developed direction,” Fu told Dezeen.

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Artwork Dezeen ai

Daniel Riopel

Last month Dezeen challenged readers to design the artwork for our latest editorial series, called AItopia. For his input, Canadian R&D engineer Daniel Riopel used Midjourney to create a glass-coated planet Earth that’s embedded in the core of a motherboard (above).

According to Riopel, design represents the intricate and interwoven relationship between humanity and technology.

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Participation in the Dezeen ai artwork competition

Nathan branch

Nathan Branch is a first-party architecture assistant who also entered the AI ​​reader competition.

Branch’s voice, also crafted using Midjourney, depicts a dystopian vision of a future that has been occupied by giant data cores housing AI servers in reference to humanity’s never-ending pursuit of technological advancement.

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Artwork competition Dezeen ai

Gabriel Piasta Tworek

San Francisco-based Polish architect Gabriela Piasta Tworek created her illustration for Dezeen’s AI reader contest using Midjourney.

Tworek’s artwork imagines a future city shaped by vast neural networks, the computer systems that power artificial intelligence.

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