The ChatGPT logo in an office in Washington, DC.

Times-Union columnist asks AI ChatGPT to write a column

The ChatGPT logo in an office in Washington, DC.

Dear readers,

Today I hand over the reins of my newspaper column to a fascinating and innovative AI language model called ChatGPT. As a writer, I’ve always been intrigued by advances in technology and artificial intelligence, and I believe the time has come to explore what AI can bring to the world of journalism. So here we are, with a bold experiment to embrace the future!

OK, for starters, I didn’t write any of the above words. ChatGPT did it. So yeah, he described himself as charming and innovative. At least he didn’t say modest too.

With AI making so much news, I told my editor I’d do a little experiment. I was going to give ChatGPT some arguments and ask him to write columns. My editor liked this idea, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

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