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For over fifty years, San Diego Comic-Con has established itself as the largest comic book convention in North America. It has gotten so big that major Hollywood studios and video game publishers have been coming to SDCC for over two decades. And while Comic-Con is no longer just about comics, it has taken on a bigger role in pop culture. This is after all where the cast of The Avengers assembled for the first time and where Marvel and DC have announced many films over the years.

Due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, this year’s Comic-Con wasn’t the star-studded affair it normally is. But Hollywood still played a big part in the top 10 moments of San Diego Comic-Con 2023.

10. Max Animation Teases Harley Quinn Season 4


Max Animation’s panel bucked the trend of bringing in new episodes by only offering a quick preview of harley quinn season 4. Regardless, fans got a chance to see Harley’s attempt to fit in with the Batman family, including her new superhero suit. At the same time, Harley’s girlfriend Poison Ivy is facing some resistance to her reign as the new leader of the Legion of Doom. The new season looks absolutely insane, and that’s just the way we like it.

Max Animation also brought previews for the Adventure time spin off, Adventure Time: Fionna and cakeAND Young lovethe new series inspired by the Oscar-winning animated short film, Hair love.

9. The Venture Bros. take a bow

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, the duo behind it The Venture Bros., had to miss this year’s Comic-Con due to the WGA strike. However, the new animated film,The Venture Bros.: Radiant is baboon heart bloodit gave the duo a chance to give the characters a fitting send-off in this de facto series finale.

Although the title of the film, Radiant is Baboon Heart BloodWhile it seems bizarre at first glance, the movie ultimately explains that choice while also solving the show’s long-running mysteries about the titular brothers, Hank and Dean Venture, as well as the connection between Dr. Venture and his maniacal rival, The Monarch. If this is indeed the end of the franchise, it’s gone out with a bang.

8. Futurama takes flight

20th century animation

AS The Venture Bros. said goodbye, Futurama said goodbye after a short 10-year hiatus. While the show’s writers had to stay home, the show’s directors stepped out in San Diego with the season 11 premiere. It was such a joyous occasion that it was easy to overlook the fact that the cast and producers couldn’t share the moment.

And fans at home won’t have to wait long to share the joy. The first episode of Futurama Season 11 premieres on Hulu today, July 24.

7. Spider-Man 2 Comes to Hall H

Sony Interactive Entertainment

In the absence of Marvel Studios and other studios, there was a gap in Hall H’s programming that could not be filled. However, that left an opportunity for Sonys Spider man 2 preview to play in Comic-Con’s largest room. And while it didn’t sell out, fans got to see key members of the game’s creative team and four of the main voice cast members: Yuri Lowenthal (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Nadji Jeter (Miles Morales/Spider-Man), Laura Bailey (Mary Jane Watson), and Tony Todd (Venom).

Sony also wowed the crowds with a brand new story trailer for the game. If video game panels are starting to become a Hall H tradition, this is a good place to start.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Story Trailer | PS5 games

6. The world premiere of Justice League: Warworld

Warner Bros animation

Every year, DC premieres a new animated film at Comic-Con. This year’s selection, Justice League: Warworld, was a rare R-rated animated film that forced convention organizers to push back the start time to nearly 10 p.m. on a Friday night. But despite the late start, it was very well received by the audience who watched it.

However, the big news came at the end of the film, when Warner Bros. Animation announced two films for 2024: Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths AND Guardians.

5. Amazon Studios releases a surprise episode of the second season of Invincible

Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios had one of Comic-Con’s best surprises during the Invincible season 2 panel. Co-creator Robert Kirkman revealed that the show’s creative team had made a special episode, Invincible: Atom Eve, which describes the origin of Samantha Wilkins/Atom Eve. While Gillian Jacobs voices Atom Eve on the show, Jazlyn Ione and Aria Kane played younger versions of Eve in this episode. And it should also be said that this special had some of the best superhero action we’ve seen in years. It’s so good.

Invincible: Atom Eve had its screening at Comic-Con before Prime Video released it online. But fans will have to wait until Nov. 3 for Invincible season 2 to officially begin.

4. Babylon 5 Comes Home to Comic-Con

Warner Bros animation

During Babylon 5In the first series in the late 1990s, series creator J. Michael Straczynski was a frequent guest and almost always brought a new episode of the show to premiere at Comic-Con. After a four-year absence from SDCC, Straczynski was openly thrilled after the world premiere screening of his new animated film, Babylon 5: The road home.

Several Babylon 5 cast members have been dead since the series ended in 1998, and Straczynski spoke about how the film gave him a chance to say goodbye to his friends in the context of his own fictional universe. The way home also leave the door open for more Babylon 5 stories in an unexpected way without violating the continuity of the original show. That’s a pretty big achievement in its own right.

3. Hellfire Gala

Marvel Comics

In Marvels X-Men comics, the Hellfire Gala is essentially the Met Gala for superheroes. And for the most part, fads are ridiculously silly. But the reason Hellfire Gala is so high on this year’s list is that it’s one of the rare comic book events to take on a life of its own without the benefit of a movie or TV show to back it up. And at Comic-Con, Marvel and cosplayers brought the Hellfire Gala to life with some inventive takes on costumes.

2. The Walking Dead keeps walking

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live SDCC Teaser Trailer | with Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira

That’s true Walking Dead it’s not the crossover hit it once was, but the franchise is far from over. At Comic-Con, The Walking Dead universe the panel once again drew a huge crowd for the new teaser from The Walking Dead: Those Who Live, the new miniseries that will bring back Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira as Rick and Michonne. In the hit series, his friends and family believed Rick was dead. But in reality, he was taken by an unknown faction and taken away. Michonne learned of Rick’s survival and has been searching for her lover ever since. Their reunion will finally take place in 2024.

As for the rest of the shows, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon AND The Walking Dead: The Dead City they were both renewed for a second season. Daryl Dixon will premiere on Sunday, September 10. And the remaining episodes of Fear the walking dead season 8 will premiere later this fall.

1. Star Trek ruled the Comic-Con galaxy


Star Trek is one of the few franchises that still has conventions devoted solely to its many shows. So it should come as no surprise that Paramount+ ruled the roost at Comic-Con with the crossover episode premiere in between Star Trek: Strange New Worldsand the animated series, Star Trek: Lower Decks. Also, there was a trailer for lower decks season 4 and an extended preview for Star Trek: Discovery season 5. In the absence of stars from the series, these anticipated looks have gone a long way in sending happy fans home.

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