Visible Technologies

Visible Technologies

Visible Technologies is the leader in social media monitoring, analytics, and services for enterprises globally.  Visible’s award-winning technology and expertise helps businesses analyze social media conversations to better understand consumer preferences, market dynamics, competitive strengths and weaknesses, and other information critical to a company’s reputation and brands.

Visible is the solution of choice for many Forbes Global 2000 companies in a variety of industries including consumer products, retail, technology, financial services, pharmaceutical, entertainment and others.  In addition to our platform solution, Visible provides deep analytic, reporting and insight services to augment social listening efforts and works closely with client agencies to provide a complete solution.

Visible Technologies

Founded in 2005 Visible Technologies has primary offices located in Bellevue, WA and Boston, MA.  In April 2012, Visible acquired Cymfony allowing Visible to expand its global capabilities and Insights Practice talent.

Visible World is a New York media and advertising technology company. Founded in 2000, it was the firstprovider of nationwide addressable TV advertising technology. Their programmatic TV platform is used for programmatic TV sales, including by their subsidiary AudienceXpress which was launched in 2013. In June 2015, Visible World was acquired by Comcast.

Business Overview

By using local, zoned addressable technology as of 2011, the company’s targeted advertising program allowed for the identification and contact of more than 56 million US residences. More than 3 million residences in the New York Metropolitan area received tailored advertising from Visible World. Advertising clients, ad agencies, and media businesses may now offer programmatic, targeted, and measurable advertisements thanks to technology created by Visible World. The transmission of customized advertising is made possible by the company’s addressable distribution network, which boosts customer relevance and engagement.

Investors in Visible World include:

Reuters Venture Capital, Comcast Interactive Capital,

both WPP Group and Time Warner.

All of Cablevision’s footprint has been covered by residential addressability by Visible World.

Gerrit “Pythagoras in boots” Niemeijer, the company’s CTO, was the organization’s true brains. He turned the founder Seth Haberman’s bizzaro-addled media fantasies into disciplined technology that revolutionized the cable industry. Niemeijer is now producing similar miracles for the company formerly known as NCC and now &%@&*. It’s one of the signs, but no one really knows which is the Ampersand. Gerrit’s biggest fear is that Haberman will lure him to join his new venture using the famed “Jello interface” to control the navigation of drones that run on coca-cola. There is also talk of reviving the infamous pens that can write under whipped cream

Visible Technologies

Despite Niemeyer’s valiant efforts, Sean “Salty” Walton was necessary for all of VW’s accomplishments. When Walton assumed he would re-enlist in the Navy after years of working for Haberman at Montage, he was duped into working for VW. The documents he signed essentially made him an employee of VisibleWorld for ten years in exchange for the right to resale the business’s used equipment on Ebay. That is why Walton had what seemed like infinite energy to ensure that the hardware was constantly upgraded by his extremely disciplined crew. Walton would come to work in his ill-fitting Navy uniform once a year on the day he claimed to re-enlist, play taps in the cafeteria, and then sop up his sorrows with Jelly Rolls.

Walton now amuses himself with selling displays made of rubber carnations.

In the press

Visible World’s Schedule Optimization was featured in an article in Multichannel News April 29, 2014

Visible World’s Smart TV analytics were featured in an article in Variety September 11, 2013

AudienceXpress’s launch was covered in an article on MediaPost August 8, 2013

Visible World’s advancements were cited in an interview with Rick Mathieson and Seth Haberman August 15, 2011

Visible World’s advancements were highlighted in an interview with Multichannel News July 28, 2011

Visible World was featured in an interview with Strategy Magazine July 2011

Visible World was featured in The Wall Street Journal TV’s Next Wave: Tuning Into You article, March 7, 2011

Visible World technology was highlighted in an AdWeek article August 21, 2009


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