Additionally, some YouTube videos encourage greater social interaction (which is crucial for the elderly or those with mobility challenges) and help to dispel prejudices about minorities and minority opinions. These issues include bullying, suicide, and LGBT issues.

The advantages of YouTube

I need to be more specific. This is not a blog about the benefits and drawbacks of YouTube, the finest and worst features it offers, or even the top kid-friendly educational YouTube channels. This article focuses more on the effects or results of the trend of video sharing.


YouTube helps us learn.

There is a video for everything, as I already stated. Need a toilet repair? It won’t take you long to figure out how to accomplish it. Internet advertising? Yeah! How do you floss? Yes. How should I floss my teeth? Gross, but most likely.

I could genuinely go on forever.

For children, this may entail assistance with their homework, instruction in a musical instrument, and how-to guides on everything from DIY tasks to creating Roblox parkour hobby lessons.
The final line is that YouTube will instantly satiate whatever interest you may have. If you couldn’t quickly access a video of someone demonstrating how to change your toilet’s fill valve on your phone, you might have spent your entire life not knowing how to do it. Alternatively, learning to do it might have been a little more challenging.

You can save money by watching YouTube.

If you think YouTube is a terrific teacher and you’ve learned a few things from it, you’ve probably also saved some money or could have saved money if you had watched a few videos.

An actual case study from the past few months


A rock chip caused a rather significant crack to appear in my car’s glass. I looked on YouTube beforehand, just in case, because I was sure that a foot-long crack couldn’t be fixed and would require the entire windshield to be replaced.
It turned out that it might be fixed after all!
In the end, I paid $130 for the repair even though the lowest price I was given for a new windshield was $600.
Sure, a Google search would have led me to the same conclusion, but I wouldn’t have been persuaded that the crack I was looking at was as bad as mine was, etc.

Boredom decreases thanks to YouTube.

You can view YouTube pretty much whenever and wherever such gadgets are permitted when you have it on your mobile device. Attending at the DMV? on board a plane? In the past, these situations may have guaranteed boredom, but YouTube now makes entertainment portable and simple.
(However, would individuals still be able to find entertainment in similar situations if YouTube didn’t exist? Do you agree that not much would change? So, can it be claimed that this is more of a benefit of owning a mobile device than it is of YouTube?)
Many jobs and sources of revenue have been made possible via YouTube.
Being in the right place at the right moment allowed you to record spontaneous videos that you could upload to YouTube when it first launched. People now devote their entire lives to producing stuff that will be uploaded. Kids from all over the world have developed YouTube presences worth millions of dollars.
As a result, becoming a YouTube personality can be a full-time profession for some people or a side hustle for others to supplement their income.
Beyond that, in order for these YouTube celebrities to create videos to the best of their abilities, particular equipment needs to be created and supplied to them.
The bottom result is that this “creative economy” has given many people a wealth of opportunities to find work both in front of and behind the camera.

YouTube is motivating.

The second-most popular social media site in the world includes numerous hours of inspirational content, ranging from TED Talks to Q & A sessions with politicians, celebrities, and activists.
Adults can network with others who share their interests and gain inspiration for grassroots activities. Kids can be motivated by their favorite influencers to learn how to start their very own YouTube channel or simply to experiment with video editing.
Many people on the site regularly utilize YouTube for good, even if it’s only to make someone’s day better with a funny cat video. The courage and abilities required to achieve that can benefit both children and adults. It’s a more or less novel way of getting your message through.
YouTube’s advantages include:
instructs and educates
reduces costs and offers enjoyment
produces jobs
encourages growth and constructive development

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